Bill Payment allows you to pay your bills in a variety of ways to suit your lifestyle and preferences. Years ago you had only a few options and those were not always suitable around other responsibilities in and outside of the home. Gone are the days where you have to sit and wait in a queue to speak to a member of customer service or get in touch during only office hours when most people are at work themselves. You can now pay from wherever you are in the world with minimal fuss.

Use your credit or debit card

The benefits of being able to pay your bills over the internet are plentiful. You can use your usual debit or credit card to pay for your utility bills at any time of the night or day. This is a great option for people who have mobility problems or work the usual nine to five hours and cannot make it to the bank in time to make the payment without forfeiting their lunch break.

Instant digital receipt

By paying your bills online you will be able to get a receipt sent to your inbox that you can print off or keep digitally for your own records. This reduces paperwork lying about and potentially causing a fire hazard and also means that if you like to keep your accounts in order but suffer any kind of damage to your storage, you have a backup that you can refer to if and when necessary.

Automatic payment option

You can set up an automatic payment schedule which allows your bill amount to be taken from your bank automatically so you never again need to worry about late payment fees. You can still view your accounts when you need to and ask for statements but can rest assured that you will have a continuous service no matter how busy you are.

Saving money

Think of the amount of money you could save on petrol driving to a payment location or in postage. You have to wait days for postal bills to be received by the institute you are paying and then again for the processing to take place. Most bills paid online will show on your account by the next working day maximum.

Saving time

You can save time paying your bills this way because you don’t need to keep entering your personal details. You will be given a user ID and password so that your information stays safe and secure but you only need to click a few buttons to get your payment sent to your utility suppliers.

Pay all bills in one place

You can pay your bills that accept online payments in one safe place. This means you do not have to share your card details with various people so the chance of fraudulent use is minimized. You can pay everything you need to in one day and from one site which after a long hard day with your usually responsibilities is a breath of fresh air for customers who once had to spend hours contacting each utility supplier one by one.

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